Ralph Nader & Omar Barghouti Get Enduring Peace Awards

nader-and-barghoutiPromoting Enduring Peace has announced that it is presenting its 2016 Gandhi Peace Award jointly to Ralph Nader and Omar Barghouti.  The Gandhi Peace Award has been presented since 1960 to people who make outstanding contributions to world peace,  a sustainable ecology, and  social justice.
Nader has been responsible for: at least eight major federal consumer protection laws, and has spoken for human rights. Barghouti is a Palestinian human rights defender and leader of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions BDS movement to bring economic pressure on Israel to end its oppressive policies in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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America’s Plugged-in Boys Are Not Graduating to Manhood

man-childQuestion: Where have America’s young men gone? Answer: To their video games. They are typically underemployed,  live with their parents, and have limited social life. Living in a virtual cyber world of fantasy games and fantasy sex (pornography), these “lost boys” live meaningless lives.  A sober article by First Things magazine and a tongue-in-cheek article by Estately ranking states with the most immature men highlight this sad situation.

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Why Do Prominent Evangelical Leaders Endorse Trump?

falwell-endorses-TrumpJonathan Merritt writes a perspicacious essay in Atlantic Magazine (Aug. 10, 2016) titled “Trump-loving Christians Owe Bill Clinton an Apology.” Merritt writes, “Character counts.” That was evangelicals’ rallying cry in their all-out assault against Bill Clinton beginning in 1993.In response to what they perceived as widespread moral decline… the allegedly draft-dodging, pot-smoking, honesty-challenged womanizer symbolized everything that was wrong with America.

Jump ahead to 2016 and some of the same leaders who denounced Clinton as unsuitable for the presidency due to immoral and tawdry behavior are now championing Donald Trump for president. Leaders who denounced Clinton for immorality two decades ago but today endorse Trump include James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Wayne Grudem, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, and the Jerry Falwell dynasty. Clinton at least apologized. Trump boasts of his excess.

Merritt concludes, rightly, that “pious preachers, thunderous televangelists, and moralizing activists have sold America a bill of goods about their pure motivation for decades. But evidence indicates that evangelical political engagement is really about cultural influence, social dominance, and power.”

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The Meaning of War by Abraham Joshua Heschel


The Meaning of This War  (World War II)
by Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972), was born in Germany, barely got to America before the Nazi’s purge, and became an influential Jewish theologian whose writings and the witness of his actions continue to inspire. In this essay, written in 1944, Heschel points out the moral depravity that lead societies into the horror of war. Each sentence is laden with fiery prophetic truth. –AJ

EMBLAZONED OVER the gates of the world in which we live is the escutcheon of the demons. The mark of Cain in the face of man has come to overshadow the likeness of God. There have never been so much guilt and distress, agony and terror. At no time has the earth been so soaked with blood. Fellow men turned out to be evil ghosts, monstrous and weird. Ashamed and dismayed, we ask: Who is responsible? Continue reading

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